screenshot from video of the segment

Birth of a Meme - Egyptian TV Anchor Ahmed Moussa's Folly

As reported in the Washington Post the Egyptian television anchor Ahmed Moussa used five year old footage from a video game as evidence of Russian military success against ISIS targets in Syria. It didn't take the Egyptian netizens long to recognize the meme-worthiness of this event.

As Egyptian Streets translates the audio from the show:

“Here it is, in front of you, live on air. We aren’t making anything up. These images are satellite imagery. All of it.”

And, just to drive home the real angle on the story,

“Did you all see the precision?” says Moussa, ignoring the fact that the pilot is speaking fluent English....

“These are ISIS fighters…they’re immediately wiped out…no one gets away,” continues Moussa, not realizing that such accuracy was achieved in a video game.

“See what the Russians are doing to them! That precision! Look at that car! Wait for the missile to come down! No one gets away,” adds Moussa, who says that the United States “has been playing with terrorists” while “Russia does not joke around